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Introducing the Pets for Refugees 7K!

Just because you’re stuck inside and avoiding large groups doesn’t mean you can’t get out and exercise. Of course, exercising is always more fun when you’re doing it with others (preferably others who don’t do that exercise as well as you). And exercising is most fun of all when you’re doing it with others and supporting a great cause—in this case, Pets for Refugees. No, we’re not sponsoring a run in the park that will put a few hundred sweaty bodies in close proximity to one another; we’re holding a virtual 7K. That’s 7Kategories (clever, right?) of exercise that you can do at the same time as (and in competition with) others who are doing the same thing somewhere else.

The 7Kategories:

  1. Running

  2. Walking

  3. Walking with one or more dogs

  4. Biking

  5. Stationary Biking

  6. Treadmill (Walking and/or Running)

  7. Reps Challenge: (e.g., push-ups, burpees, free throws)

Rules, Prizes and Other Stuff

  • You must obey Social Distancing rules at all times during your activity. If you run past someone, stay six feet away! Don’t even think about challenging your friends to see who can lick the most parking meters in an hour. You must also obey other applicable social rules. Cover your cough. Don’t scream profanities if you twist an ankle. And, above all, if you walk a dog, you must pick up their poop and include that in your time. Maybe we’ll throw in a doggy prize for most poops in an hour.

  • Prizes for winners! For every category that includes at least five participants, the winner gets a T-shirt. We’re all on the honor system here, so use your FitBits, exercise apps and other devices (including human beings) to track your performance. Sorry, but if you choose to run up a mountain trail for 60 minutes straight, there’s no bonus. You can name your own Reps Challenge category, but you’ll need to recruit at least four other participants to be eligible for a prize and tell us how to determine the winner. Yes, there's a participation trophy, also—a Pets For Refugees car magnet for everyone who enters.

  • When it all goes down: You must complete your 60 minutes of exercise sometime between 8 a.m. and noon, EDT, on Sunday, April 5. Deadline to report your results via Facebook post is 12:30 p.m. We’ll announce winners that afternoon.

  • Recruit a group of five participants (they must credit you via a post on the Facebook group), and you get a T-shirt. Beat them all in your category and you get to wear two layers of T-shirts! Recruit the most participants and you’ll get another prize (although we have no idea at the moment what that might be).

How You Participate:

  • *Like* the Pets for Refugees Page.

  • Buy your $5 ticket via the page. (Net proceeds are donated to Pets for Refugees.)

  • Join the Pets for Refugees Social Distancing 7K Facebook Group.

  • Tell the group in a post that you’ve joined—and if you were recruited by someone or sponsored by a business.

  • Scout out a safe location and train for your event. Invite other participants (but not a crowd!)

  • Compete on April 5. Track your results. Post them to Facebook, along with a picture or video.

If your business would like to help sponsor the event, you’ve got three options:

  1. You can sponsor two or more participants (tell us who) for $10.

  2. You can make a $10 donation without sponsoring anyone.

  3. You can donate a $15 gift certificate to be given to a winner.

We’ll list all our sponsors at the top of the group page, along with physical and web addresses.

If we forgot anything, we’ll post about it later. Now, start training for the big event!

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